Blogs and Articles

Below are a list of blogs that might interest PreMed students, I recommend clicking through all the links and looking through the blogs, and picking the ones you like and choose to follow it. Following blogs are a good way to keep updated on happenings in medicine and how current medical professionals react to them.
This is a very good blog by a Canadian Medical school student, with very interesting articles that are relevant to many Pre-Medical students.
Pre Med Hell
This is a blog that aims to help you thrive as a PreMedical student (written by PreMeds and has interesting and very good article features).
Kevin MD

This is a very good blog written by various doctors (including one named Kevin). It is very good to help you keep on the pulse of happenings in the medical world.
DocCartoons and Dr. Grumpy
These are 2 separate blogs that are available for the days when you just need to laugh/smile (usually at yourself, while wondering why exactly you’re PreMed). DocCartoons is  a compilation of reader-submitted medical-related cartoons while Dr. Grumpy details the various interesting and frustrating situation the Doctor encounters in his everyday life.
A Surgeon’s Blog
This is a blog by a mostly retired general surgeon, who wants to inform, entertain and educate the reader about surgery, etc.
Cut On the Dotted Line
This is a blog by a surgical resident who blogs about her experiences in her work, and her quest to continue to become a surgeon and still retain her Christian faith.
Health Care Law Blog
This is a blog that aims to keep an eye on health care law.
Health Care Policy Blog
This blog gives a review of the latest developments in federal health policy and marketplace activities in the health care financing business.
Incidental Findings
This is a blog by a current doctor (an Internist) who writes various polarizing articles on the medical profession (especially his “Don’t be a Doctor” series) and his opinions on his profession and the various aspects of being a doctor.
Wall Street Journal Health Blog
This is a blog by the Wall Street Journal on health and the business of health.
Bioethics Blog
This is a blog about Bioethics and issues in medicine and biological sciences.
Keep Breathing
This is a blog by a Respiratory Therapist. It mainly consists of stories from her experiences in the hospital, and is an interesting compilation of the stories about life in a hospital/medical facility and the people she sees.
Future Docs Blog
This is a blog by Dr. Arora, a physician at the University of Chicago Hospitals. It is “a blog about medical education thoughts, news, policy, with tips for medical students and resident.”

Below are some interesting articles:
What was medical school like? Years I and II
What was medical school like? Years III and IV


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