Get Featured

This post aims to reach current and former SNMA-MAPS members who feel can help contribute to making our blog a more comprehensive resource.

Now, for students who have participated in a summer program, summer job, internship, etc (and it doesn’t have to be medically related). If you have done something this summer, and would like to share your experience with us, this is what you do: Please send us an email at and on the title of the email, put: “Feature Request: Summer Program”, and in the body of the email give your name and the name of the summer program. You will get a reply with interview questions and an option to include pictures, and your name (it can be anonymous if you like). So this is a forum for you to encourage students to apply to programs, give us the good/bad/ugly and just be helpful in general. {We like helpful people 🙂 }

Also if you are a student and would like to give a review on a class you’ve taken based on the class’ content and if you would recommend taking it, etc, please also send an email to: and for the title, use: “Feature Request: Class Reviews” and in the body of the email, give your name and the class #. You will get a reply with interview questions, etc.

And if anyone has anything that you think should be featured on the site (articles, scholarships, announcements, etc.) and is useful for general public knowledge, just once again, send an email to and for the title use: “Feature Request: Miscellaneous” but please give your name and go in detail/provide links about your resource, in the body of the email. You will get a reply for more information and additional questions, etc.

Thanks so much!


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