Meet the members of the board! Think of them as walking resources here at UChicago.

Sara Imam c/o ’15
Aurora, Colorado
Biological Sciences

“Throughout my entire life, I have always had a passion for helping others through community service. It wasn’t until college that I realized that for me, this passion led to aspiring for a career in medicine. Getting exposed to health disparities in Southside Chicago through summer internships  and understanding the public heath issues stemming across America, I became passionate about being a part of the health-leaders responsible for ending these disparities to strengthen public health.”


Akua Nkansah-Amankra c/o ’15
Accra, Ghana
Biological Sciences, with an interest in Nursing

“Apart from the cliché response of wanting to help people, I just like that there is a lot of mobility and many opportunities for growth in the field of nursing.”
2014-09-15 14.35.05

Ijeoma Nwabudike c/o ’17
Abuja, Nigeria
Comparative Human Development

“I am interested in medical research because I find it very stimulating and fulfilling. I enjoy being a part to something that directly addresses and attempts to solve some of the worlds’s problems and make peoples’ lives easier.”

Academic Chair
Luther Walls c/o ’16
Orland Park, IL
Biological Sciences

“I am sincerely concerned about the wellbeing of others. I care about maintaining stable emotional, physical and mental health.  After witnessing so many people become ill and even lose their life from an inability to get health care, or from being unaware of possible signs of illness, I feel an obligation to not only promote health but also do my part to provide it.”

Luther Headshot

Co-Community Service Chair
Erik Almazan c/o ’17
Chicago Area
Biological Sciences

“I am interested in medicine and a career in the health sciences because of my concern for the well- being of others, my desire to engage in service for the community. And because of my passion for science. I would like to follow a career in the health sciences because I feel that such a career would be fulfilling for me in both the intellectual and moral sense.”


Co-Community Service Chair
Elinam Agbo c/o ’17
Myrtle Beach, South Caroline
Biological Sciences

“In pursuing a career in health, I seek to heal through compassion and kindness. As a multicultural student, I hope to grow in my worldview as I learn more about people from diverse backgrounds in the health care setting.”
Print-Vanessa Senior-8103

Fundraising Chair
Lena Chen c/0 ’17
Cupertino, CA
Biological Sciences

“I’ve always loved hearing those stories about doctors who were able to work their magic on suffering patients and fix their complex ailments. I am amazed by how doctors can listen to a patient’s description of symptoms, look at a few charts and images here and there, and piece together vaguely connected puzzle pieces into a diagnosis and treatment. I am constantly inspired by iflscience and am most fascinated by the process of wound healing and regeneration. I live for those moments where I can make a difference in someone’s life and see them smile – for all these reasons and more, I’m interested in the fields of medicine and health.”
photo for rso

Co-Student Liason

Chijioke “CJ” Ikonte Jr. c/o ’15
Los Angeles, California
Biological Sciences

“My interest in a career in health stems from my desire to understand the body and how the health related decisions we make today can impact out lives even 50 years down the line. Better understanding these relationships could provide a key to greatly improving quality of life around the world.”

CJ Headshot

Co-Student Liaison
Robert De Loera c/o ’16
Oak Forest, IL
Biological Sciences (potential minor in Molecular Engineering)

“I absolutely love science, and while I’m still debating whether I’m a research type of guy, the reason why I’m interested in health and medicine is because it’s applying science to humans and their well-being.”

Meagan Thornton c/o ’16

Memphis, TN
Psychology, with an interest in Pharmacy

“I am interested in a career in health, specifically Pharmacy, because it gives me the opportunity to engage with patients of diverse backgrounds and ensure that medication is being used properly for the best health outcomes. Pharmacists are the trusted link between patients and doctors, so they have a unique perspective on healthcare.”


Publicity Chair
Rebecca Steinberg c/o ’15
Biological Sciences

“Healthcare, to me, is the most direct and meaningful way to benefit others using science. I am interested in healthcare because I love working with people and seeing them thrive. I believe it would be truly rewarding to be a part of the process to help people recover from their illnesses and comfort them during their recovery.”



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