Spotlight: Rebecca Steinberg

The SNMA-MAPS board members are a great resource here at UChicago. The spotlight blog posts are an opportunity for you guys to get to know the board better and receive great advice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for more information!


Rebecca Steinberg
Publicity Chair
Class of 2015
(1) What career were you interested in before you came to UChicago?

I was always interested in exploring Medicine. My parents are both physicians who are passionate about the work they do, and so I wanted to see if that care for others resonated in me.

(2) How has your perspective on that career changed in your time here?

I think that through exploring health care, I have come to better understand not only the rewarding parts of the job, but the more challenging aspects as well. I also learned that the career options in medicine are more numerous than I could ever have imagined and are not limited to the role of a physician.

(3) What do you think students should focus on in their first year and first summer?

I think that students should focus on exposing themselves to a medical setting, even in the simplest of ways. Shadowing and really starting to understand the lifestyle of a doctor is a valuable thing to learn at the beginning of college before dedicating a good deal of time to a career in medicine. I also think that exploring how much you like interacting with people is very important. If you prefer to work independently instead of with people, pursuing a career in healthcare might not be such a great idea.

(4) What do you think are the most valuable resources available here that student need to take advantage of?

Definitely apply for a Metcalf–those internships are AWESOME and exclusively for UChicago students. My most meaningful experience as an undergrad in elucidating many of my career ambitions came from my third-year summer internship.

(5) What are the biggest mistakes pre-med students tend to make and how can they avoid them?

I think the biggest mistake would be to overcommit yourself just to put things on your resume. You should try to pick an activity or RSO that you are genuinely interested in and make a long-term commitment to that activity. The idea is quality over quantity–it allows for you to give more genuine responses when you are asked about it in the future instead of a one-word recap.


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