Summer Opportunities Panel

summer opps panel1

We had an awesome Summer Opportunities Panel in which several undergrads answered the questions of a room full of pre-medical and science interested students. Just in case you missed it or wanted more information about the programs discussed, here is a list of the programs, along with a description, deadline, and contact information of the person who participated in the program.

Chicago Academic Medical Program (CAMP):  MENTORING/PIPELINE

Description: CAMP is a 6-week summer program for undergraduate students who have completed the freshman or sophomore year in college, or who are graduating from high school in spring of 2013 and have been accepted into college. Developed by the Pritzker School of Medicine. Involves: Group-learning and team-building projects, Interactive lectures on 3 major organ systems, Clinical shadowing opportunities with physician mentors, Pre-medical advising and mentoring sessions, Social events with Pritzker students, faculty, and staff, and $1000 stipend.
Application: Available in December.
Contact: Tolu Rosanwo,, Jazmine Johnson,

Pritzker School of Medicine Experience in Research (PSOMER): MENTORING/RESEARCH/PIPELINE 

Description: The Pritzker School of Medicine Experience in Research (PSOMER) program is an 8-week research, education, and mentoring experience with University of Chicago faculty. PSOMER is open to college students who are rising juniors and seniors graduating after January 1, 2014. Includes weekly research colloquium, research presentation, advising sessions from Pritzker admissions officers (!!!), $3,200 stipend (+ room & board)
Application: Check in mid-December.
Contact: Tolu Rosanwo,

Summer Medical Emersion and Dental Program (SMDEP): PIPELINE/MENTORSHIP 

Description: SMDEP is implemented at 12 program sites (80 students per site) across the nation. Each program site provides scholars with academic enrichment in the basic sciences and math, clinical experiences, career development activities, learning and study skills seminars, and a financial planning workshop
Application: Must be currently enrolled as a freshman or sophomore in college, have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5, a U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa, and not have previously participated in SMDEP.
Contact: Check website for list of participating institutions and more info. or contact the National Program Office at 1-866-587-6337 or

TEACH Research Intern  + Potter Fellow: RESEARCH

Description: The TEACH (Training Early Achievers for Careers in Health) Research Program is a partnership between the Collegiate Scholars Program(CSP) and the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago. This program introduces the basics of clinical research through a classroom experience and provides CSP high school students an opportunity to work with a team of researchers including faculty, medical students, and undergraduate students on the Hospitalist Project.
Application: Application comes out middle of winter quarter, interviews at the beginning of spring quarter. Application completed through Metcalf.
Contact: Sara Imam,

UCIHP Fellow in Social Medicine: RESEARCH

Description:  Benchmarked community benefit programming among peer institutions both locally (in Illinois) and nationwide
•  Evaluated the extent to which UCM community benefit programming addressed priority health needs
•  Investigated new measures for evaluating the impact of UCM volunteerism
•  Compiled reports for use by Urban Health Initiative in planning future community benefit projects
Application: check UCIHP website
Contact: Akua Amankara,

Katen Scholars Program: RESEARCH

Description: Geared towards preparing students for health-related fields. I attended seminars by doctors about health literacy and health reform, and also about links between race and certain diseases. Afterwards we had discussions with other Katens and UCIHP Fellows over weekly readings on these topics. We also had one community service activity and a lot of fun tours and lectures in Field Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo. Instead of ppt presentations, Katens had to write a grant proposal and make a poster to present at end of summer.
Application: Comes out mid-winter quarter, due end of Spring break or first week of Spring quarter. Check UCIHP sites. Only UCIHP requires interview and is through metcalf.
Contact: Victoria Sun,


Description: The BSCD fellowship allowed me to work full-time 10 weeks while giving one mid-talk, and a final ppt presentation the first Sat of fall quarter to AP 5 Bio freshmen. Various PIs gave seminars each week about their topics of research. The BSCD Fellowship is only for rising 2nd and 3rd years, rising 4th years will be funded over summer if they pursue a bio honors BA.
Application:  Mid-winter quarter, due end of Spring break or first week of Spring quarter. Check BSCD website.
Contact: Victoria Sun,

GeneHackers: RESEARCH

Description: GeneHackers is a RSO that competes during the summer in the International Genetically Engineered Machines competition. We’re conduct entirely undergrad-led research so it’s a great opportunity to know what it’s like to run a lab from scratch, and be the one in charge of creating the “big picture” research proposal.
Application: Currently recruiting.
Contact: Lab director, Alice Ye,

University of Michigan SURP: RESEARCH

Description: Research in basic sciences and public health. Funding for two consecutive years. Free courses for GRE and MCAT and opportunity to take classes in the grad and med school. Accelerated program if you do well highly possible admission to UMichigan
Application: Open Nov. 1 through February
Contact: Luyi Adesanya,

Research Assistant – Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research: GENERAL RESEARCH OPPT.

Description: During the school year prior to last summer, and last summer, I worked for Dr. Nita Lee who is conducting a study on how endometrial cancer diagnosis serves as a teaching point, and how diagnosis may or may not encourage African American women to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  On a day to day basis my tasks looked like calling patients, scheduling patient visits, attending focus groups in which patients discussed their experiences, and lots and lots of transcription.  I also got to work on a few other studies that the Section was conducting concurrently.
Application: I don’t know if there’s an application.  I actually found out about the job last fall on the Student Employment website.  I suppose if you were really interested in working/volunteering with the Section you could use the email on their website.
Contact: Motolani Akinola,

Research assistant in Daniel Corco’s Motor Control Lab at UIC: GENERAL RESEARCH OPPT.

Description: The lab does research into the motor control deficits of people who have Parkinson’s disease. So basically during my time there a study was being set up which had to do with the deficit in the FDI (a muscle in the hand) that Parkinson’s people usually have. We wanted to know if this deficit could be alleviated through two types of therapy. TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and PNS (peripheral nerve stimulation). So these therapies involve repeated shocks and stuff that I can talk about in detail at the panel. So I helped run the study on a healthy control group, and it is currently being run on people with Parkinsons.
Application: Not really an established summer program, but I can talk about how I got the job, and how to get in touch with people you want to work with.
Contact: Chijioke Ikonte,

Health Leads Summer Internship: COMMUNITY SERVICE

Description: Health Leads is a national organization based in 6 cities across the country that envisions a healthcare system where the basic needs of patients are addressed. The needs we help patients resolve range from finding housing to applying for health insurance. There were two time commitments available, 10 or 20 hours, and the 20 hour commitment involved working with other students on a special project.
Application: Applications are available in May through the Health Leads RSO at our university. There are also opportunities to intern for 40 hours per week as a Metcalf intern through the Career and Advancement office. Health Leads Chicago will not have final details about opportunities for the 2014summer internship until closer to May 2014.
Contact: Meselle Jeff-Eke,

Corazón a Corazón: INTERN/TRANSLATOR

Description: Corazón a Corazón is an after-school program directed by the Sisters of Notre Dame located on the South Side of Chicago. It focuses on enriching primary school education by preparing students for the next grade, as well as strengthening fundamental skills learned in the most recent grade the students were in. It is open to students that attend private and public (CPS) schools. The hope of the program is to bridge the gap between students from diverse neighborhoods and ensure future academic success.
Application: Corazón a Corazón is almost always looking for Interns to help with ESL and after-school tutoring programs. Check the student employment website for employment opportunities.
Contact: Luther Walls,

Dominican Republic: Health, Nutrition, and Environmental Issues: GLOBAL HEALTH RESEARCH

Description: The program is a cultural immersion program that provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to study a broad range of topics related to public health, nutrition, education, human rights, Caribbean/Latin American culture, and Spanish language through interdisciplinary, field-based studies. We each developed a research project based on a topic of interest concerning issues of health, nutrition and environment in the Dominican Republic and we carried out our projects by conducting interviews with locals in Spanish. We also spent a good portion of the program practicing and learning Spanish and learning about Dominican culture in a formal setting (i.e. in a class) and through immersion and participation in in daily Dominican life.
Application: May be available now. Due near the end of winter quarter.
Contact: Jazmine Johnson,


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