Do I have to major in biology to be pre-med?

At UChicago, you don’t have to major in biology–or to be technically correct, the biological sciences–to be pre-med. In fact, there’s a six-quarter sequence geared toward students who want to major in something other than biology but plan on entering the health professions.  As per the College Catalog: “The sequence begins in the first year with BIOS 20170 Human Cell Biology in the Winter Quarter and BIOS 20171 Human Genetics and Developmental Biology and  BIOS 20172 Mathematical Modeling for Pre-Med Students I in the Spring Quarter. In the second year, the sequence continues with both BIOS 20173 Human Physiology and BIOS 20174 Mathematical Modeling for Pre-med Students II in the Autumn Quarter and then concludes in the Winter Quarter with BIOS 20175 Biochemistry and Nutrition. BIOS 20171 must be taken concurrently with BIOS 20172 in the Spring Quarter of the first year, and BIOS 20173 must be taken concurrently with BIOS 20174 in the Autumn Quarter of the second year.”

If you do want to major in the biological sciences and you scored a 5 on the AP, then you are highly recommended to take the AP5 sequence in the fall quarter of your first year. This three-quarter sequence is most suitable for students who not only want to improve their research skills but also envision a future career in scientific research for themselves.


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