Summer Programs: Arizona Department of Health Services



This is an interview of Ms. Onome Uwhuba (University of Chicago Class of 2013). She interned at the Arizona Department of Public Health in the Summer of 2011. You can contact her via email with any further questions.

What is the name of your summer program?

This internship occurred in the Office of Infectious Diseases, in the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Please give a brief summary of the program

This was not a defined summer program, but one that was created after I contacted one of the staff members of the office. It was an unpaid internship, and I worked with the Valley Fever (Cocci.) investigation and a Hepatitis B investigation. My roles included performing medical record reviews, performing interviews with Cocci patients, requesting medical records, and visiting hospitals to review medical records.

Could you talk about the good/great/amazing things about your program?

The best part of the program was the fact that I felt like a genuine part of the department, and I was invited to attend meetings that reported disease outbreaks, trainings and future plans.

What about things in the program that could have been better?

I definitely wish this was a partially paid internship that at least covered public transportation costs. But other than that, I enjoyed the experience.

Where did you live, and how did it affect your experience?

I lived at home, so it was very relaxing.

Could you explain the application process and any tips for students interested in the program?

I knew I was interested in an internship that would include data collection for public health, so I did some research into the state department of health, and then contacted my boss via email to request an internship experience.

If you had a summer experience you would like to share with the University community, please send an email to


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