Summer Programs: NIH StepUp Program

This is an interview of Ms. Omoluyi Adesanya (University of Chicago Class of 2014). She participated in the NIH/NIDDK StepUp/Bsure Program in the Summer of 2011. You can contact her via email with any further questions.

What is the name of your summer program?

This summer, I participated in the NIH/NIDDK StepUp/Bsure Program. There are multiple locations in different Universities around the USA. I did my research at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland at Baltimore County. The website for the program is:

Please give a brief summary of the program

It is a program funded through the NIH and NIDDK in order to give under-represented minority students a chance to perform research at different universities throughout the entire USA.

Please give a brief summary of your experience with the program

Basically, it is a 12 week research program. You are paired with a lab mentor and a lab and you perform research. Then at the end of the research program. We are all invited to the NIH to present our presentation and poster at  a NIH research symposium.   Yes I would recommend it to others

Could you talk about the good/great/amazing things about your program?

Great experience to see science from the research side. Also, the program allows you to  choose/apply to the institution you wish to perform research at.

What about things in the program that could have been better?

None I really did like it!

Where did you live, and how did it affect your experience?

335086_2045754633104_1521540457_32266263_524514_oI lived in an Apartment in Baltimore with 4 other girls in the program who were conducting research. I really enjoyed it and it enabled me to learn from other people my age who are interested in the fields of science and medicine

Could you explain the application process and any tips for students interested in the program?

I just applied to a variety of summer research programs that I could do especially as a first year in the college and I chose this one because I really liked the fact it was in Baltimore and in conjunction with the NIH and NIDDK. I would say tips are to apply to many programs because you never know which program will take you and which program might not (it is better to have options at the end to choose from then no options)

If you had a summer experience you would like to share with the University community, please send an email to


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