Introducing: The Chicago Biological Investigator


By Ankita Pradhan, Editorial Team, Chicago Biological Investigator

Chicago Biological Investigator, or CBI, is a biological sciences research journal founded in 1993 by an undergraduate. It was made in the hopes of creating a place for undergraduates to publish their research. It is entirely run by and for undergrads. Previously, it was an annual journal that featured pieces such as the Crerar Science Writing Prize winners, Honor’s Theses, Honor’s Theses Abstracts, and other abstracts from students’ summer research.

This year, our editorial team, which consists of two third years and two second years, wanted to make the journal more readable and more of a resource for students, especially for those students that wish to be involved in research but aren’t sure where to get started. This year’s journal will feature the pieces featured previously and reader-friendly pieces such as the Honor’s Thesis Roundtable, where we chat with three students planning on pursuing an honor’s thesis and ask them questions about what’s its like to be a student researcher, the Day in the Life of a Technician, in which three technicians share their responsibilities and how they interact with undergrads in the lab, and a big list of summer opportunities in research on campus and around the country. We also share tips on looking for and obtaining a research job.

We’re hoping that the journal will be published by either 1st or 2nd week of winter quarter, and we will be distributing it to the Bios 180’s, 190’s, and AP 5 labs. There will also be a stack of journals available in the lobby of the BSLC. Since our goal is to better expose undergrads to research and encourage them to get involved, we would appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions, or submissions for research papers or abstracts. We can be reached at


How do students who want to get involve with writing in the journal, or being on the editorial team join?

If students want to join the team, they can e-mail us at to let us know of their interest.

Will the journal still be an annual publication or will it be quarterly?

It will still be an annual publication, at least for this year. Depending on the feedback we receive this year, that may change for next year.

Is there a website for this journal?

There is currently no website, but in the future we may be interested in constructing one.

And could you give a preview of the research fields featured in the journal?

In our Honor’s Thesis Roundtable piece, we have three students talking about their experiences in Genetics and Evolution and Hematology/Oncology. As for the technicians, they’re from a Sleep lab, a Gastrointestinal Lab, and a Prostate Cancer lab.


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