Articles: A Study Links Kids’ Cholesterol and Nonstick Coating on Cookware

According to this article, children and teens with higher levels of the chemicals that are used for nonstick coating (Perfluorofoalkyl acids) also had higher total cholesterol levels and higher LDL (bad cholesterol) than children with lower levels of chemicals.

Below is an excerpt:

The compounds targeted by the new report are known as perfluoroalkyl acids — including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) — which are used in the manufacture of chemicals that give nonstick heat resistance to pots and pans and render fabrics waterproof and breathable. According to background information in the article, we’re surrounded by the stuff. Exposure to these compounds occurs through all manner of sources: drinking water, dust, food packaging, breast milk, cord blood, microwave popcorn, air and environmental sources. And recent surveys have detected the chemicals in almost all human blood samples. – Time Magazine (Link)

This is another example-much like that of the radiation study-where chemicals and equipment meant to make life easier for humans could also cause medical problems. As more of these issues make themselves known, or as they become more concentrated and probably cause more problems, medicine will have to find a way to combat them without forcing people to give up the conveniences they’ve become much accustomed to.

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