Articles: Study: Exercise Can Protect People at High Risk of Alzheimer’s

Below is an excerpt:

Staying active is good for the body, and the latest research shows it might benefit the mind as well.

In a study of individuals who carried a high-risk gene for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers found that those who exercised showed greater brain activity in memory-related regions than those who were sedentary. That additional burst of industry may help to protect them against cognitive decline. – Time Magazine (Link)

The positive effects of exercise seem to be increasing with every study, and this is just an example I thought to share. Try to read the rest of the article, as the study itself and the results are quite interesting. The study shows that exercise slows the effects of cognitive decline in patients with the ApoE gene (that predisposes them to Alzheimer’s) because of the heightened brain activity that occurred in high-risk individuals with the most exercise. This brain activity compensates for deteriorating nerve function.

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