Articles: Study: Exercise can Counteract Obesity Genes


According to the article, “the number of obese adults worldwide [is] expected to bloat to 700 million by 2015”. So to those aiming to work in a profession where improving the life expectations, health and standards of living for those people is the main goal, there is a need for treatments or recommendations for obesity.

Previous studies have discovered several variants of a gene that causes an obesity-predisposition in individuals that is purely genetic. And while this seemed problematic (because of the idea that the obesity in the genetically afflicted was un-treatable except with “three to four hours a day of exercise”) this study proves that it is not. The results show that exercise actually helped reduce the excess weight carried by those with the FTO gene, and also caused them to lose more weight than their genetically benefitted counterparts.

There are some flaws in the study, but it gives the idea that obese individuals with the FTO gene are unable to lose weight, huge chinks in its armor.

Here’s the link to the article:,8599,2015190,00.html

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