Articles: Do Belly Blankets Protect Baby from Radiation?

This article relates somewhat to the previous New York Times article posted regarding the negative effects of mistakenly excessive radiation used for treatment purposes. This article is more concerned about the effects of “every-day radiation” on humans, especially babies.

While research is mixed and inconclusive on the effect of the constantly unavoidable small amounts of radiation on humans, this article shows the one of the many ways people are trying to combat the negative side of the inconclusive results. While I don’t believe that the ‘Belly Blankets’ can do any much good, they do make the individual, and us as hopeful future medical professionals, question what the long term effects of small amounts of radiation will have on us humans, and the face of health of the future world.

Below is an excerpt:

The World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission all maintain that exposure to everyday radiation has not been shown to have any negative health effects on humans….

Even Riley acknowledges that the current evidence — which has been ongoing for only about 15 years — doesn’t guarantee that future generations won’t show an effect. “Will there be studies in 100 years that show that this radiation is harmful? I really don’t know,” she says. – Time (Link)

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