Articles: Think the Answer’s Clear? Look Again

This article published in late August in the New York Times, profiles the work of Dr. Donald A. Redelmeir, “a physician-researcher and perhaps the leading debunker of preconceived notions in the medical world.” His research involves debunking myths, or proving that some of his hunches are true.

While he works as an internist in a Trauma center, his research is not completely medical in nature. I picked this article, because it shows just one of the various paths one can take as a Doctor. And I find his path and combination of jobs  completely fascinating and his thought process behind which he gets most of his hunches and research topics bizarre yet unique and effective.

Below is an excerpt:

Presidential elections can be fatal.

Win an Academy Award and you’re likely to live longer than had you been a runner-up.

Interview for medical school on a rainy day, and your chances of being selected could fall. –New York Times (Link)

Please leave comments below on your thoughts on the article, etc.


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